Without Listening Something Terrible Happens...Nothing!

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by M LeMont

"There are some people who listen to you when you talk and there are other people who just wait for their turn." - Bryan Kramer


A few years ago, I bought a wonderful little book: Listening for Success, by Steve Shapiro. After reading it, I realized–you can't become a great writer without being a great listener. The book is only 48 pages, but one of the most powerful books you'll ever read.

This is my opinion of the book.

What is SUCCESS?

Everyone defines it differently, don't they?

Most people THINK that hard work will make you a success.

Well, I know many people that work hard and have never achieved it. The truth is, I can get a donkey to work hard, but I can't get him to do one thing that success demands…LISTEN.

Here Lies the Secret in a NUTSHELL.

It's embedded within the word itself


• Simple

• Understanding

• Caring

• Concern

• Empathy

• Sincerity

• Sympathy

When you engage in a conversation make it simple and short, let the other person talk.

"Everybody wants to talk, and nobody wants to listen. It's human nature to want to talk, talk and talk… chopping people's words at the root before they speak. Even worse, often never hearing a word that was said– you were too busy thinking of what you were going to say next." ~Stephen Shapiro

Now tell me, how rude is that?

The treasure is in the conversation if you listen to learn.


You can hear the birds sing, crickets chirp and dogs bark, but have you ever listened to what they're saying?

If you listen carefully, you know when they're hungry, sick, happy, sad or in danger.

You can do the same with people.

"If you love to listen, you will gain knowledge and if you incline your ear–you will become wise." ~Sirach

Listening is a form of communication and persuasion. It's a powerful tool in building relationships when you genuinely care.

Think about it…when was the last time you listened to your spouse, kids, prospects, friends, parents or employees?

I'm not talking about just hearing them in an artificial way. I'm talking about being present with them in the MOMENT and passionately listening to every word.

The lack of listening is the main cause of broken marriages and the country's high divorce rate. Somebody else listened to your spouse and you didn't.

Now take a moment and watch this Video, "It's Not About the Nail." This is so crucial I'm going to wait right here until you finish. (PC users hold down the Control button and click link.)


Listening is the biggest problem people have when trying to sell on the internet, because without it, they don't know their audience.

If you want to increase your sales, you must listen to what motivates your prospects to action.

You have to show people that you genuinely care through your writings and interaction.

People buy from people they like and have confidence in.

What about your doctor, does he listen to his patients?

There's a reason he has "Practicing" before the title, 'physician'. He doesn't know what's wrong, unless he listens to what you have to say. But not all doctors listen, do they?

Many deaths occur every year from misdiagnosis because someone didn't listen.

I know many of you right now are saying this is stupid. I don't have to listen to this crap.

Do you see what I mean?

You're not even listening to what I'm saying, are you?

God gave you two ears so you could listen twice as much.

He also gave you two arms, two legs, two eyes, two feet, two hands, so there must be a reason why he only gave you one mouth.

We live in a sin sick world:

  • A troubled teen walks into an elementary school, shoots everyone in sight because his parents wouldn't listen when he was growing up.

  • Wars are started because the leaders are not willing to listen. Where are the weapons of mass destruction?

Were they ever found?

Thousands of lives were lost because the leaders from both countries didn't listen.

What Room Would You Choose?

"If you had a choice of walking into a room where everyone was a genius except you and all you could do was listen, or a room where you were the smartest– which room would you choose?"

In which room do you think you would learn the most?

Of course, you would learn more in the room with the smart people–because you would be more inclined to listen.

However, in room #2 you could also learn but because you were the smartest, you would be too busy telling everyone what you know.

Bottom line?

You are going to be a great writer one day... when you LISTEN MORE.

Thank you for listening.

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"There is No Exquisite Beauty Without Some Strangeness."

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