Writing for Impact--Profanity or Not?

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by M LeMont

After putting a rear-naked choke on Conor McGregor that ended the fight, during the UFC 196 Main event, Nate Diaz walked over to the sports reporter with a blood soaked face that only Rocky Balboa could appreciate.

"That was some fight. How do you feel?"

"Well, first I want to thank my fans for supporting me. I had only two weeks to train for this fight so I got my ASS kicked for two rounds until I could find my bearings."

"I Also Want To Let Everyone Know That There's a New Mutha Fookin Sheriff In Town!"

LMAO!!!! No bleeps or beeps from the Paid Per View Networks.


Do you want me to punch you in the nose for ask...

How to write that book, you always wanted to write

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by M LeMont


“I knew some good and bad things would happen to me, but, in the long run, all of it would be converted into words.” ~ Jorge Luis Borges

Really? After all this time we've spent together, you still haven't written that book yet?
Oh, you don't know what to write about?

Here, let me help you. Let's start with the above quote by Jorge Luis Borges–he had confidence, that at some point, he could convert the things that happened to him into words.

Once you get on the other side of pain, it's usually the bad things that happened that make for good & interesting stories.

Think of 10 personal experiences–you had ...

The Benefits of Collaboration

If you ever thought about collaborating with another author, then you should read this article. It's a long post but well worth the time. I've curated a portion of the article for your enjoyment. If you like it, at the end, I provide the link to the full story.

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Dear Co-Authors: Epistolary Revelations of Five Writing Center Directors

Lisa Ede and Andre...

This is dedicated to all the mothers of the world.

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by M LeMont

"Moms will walk a million miles in their lifetime for their children."
My mother died at 85 of Alzheimer's disease. It was a dreadful disease that wiped out her memory, and all the things she held dear. But, how could she not remember, me?

When I cried, she was always there to comfort me. From diapers, bottles, cooking, daycare, discipline, working, buying groceries, doctor, church, elementary, middle, high school, teachers, homework, practice, sports, college, marriage, grandchildren, counselor, to being my best friend.

I wanted her to know how much I love her. I wanted her to hear me say it one more time.
It was a quiet night...

Without Listening Something Terrible Happens...Nothing!

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by M LeMont

A few years ago, I bought a wonderful little book: Listening for Success, by Steve Shapiro. After reading it, I realized–you can't become a great writer without being a great listener. The book is only 48 pages, but one of the most powerful books you'll ever read.

What is SUCCESS?

Everyone defines it differently, don't they?

Most people THINK that hard work will make you a success.

Well, I know many people that work hard and have never achieved it. You see, I can get a donkey to work hard, but I can't get him to do one thing that success demands…LISTEN.

Here Lies the Secret in a NUTSHELL.

It's embedded wit...

M LeMont Recommends: I Will Not Read Your F*%!ing Script

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This is a long article, but well worth the time invested.

If you are desperately looking for an influential person to review your book, then it's a must-read, but if you're sensitive I wouldn't dare read it.

I 'Curated' just enough to wet your appetite. If you like it, at the end of the article, I'll provide the link to read the full story.

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I Will Not Read Your F*%!ing Script

BY VILLAGE VOICE contributor

We know you've been working very hard on your screenplay, but before you go looking for some professional feedback, you might kee...

Making Love Under the Silver Moon

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by M LeMont

There are two things people like to make. They like to make money and they like to make love. That's all people like to talk about– making money and making love. Everything centers around those two things. Nothing else. It seems to be what life is all about–making money and making love. You go to work to make money and come home to make love. And there are some people who like to wait until the weekend to make love. Then there are those who like to make love to relieve stress from trying to make money. Life is about money and pussy. The more money you have, the more pussy you get.

Now I'm not trying to turn anybod...

The Oath

The Oath

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By M Le'Mont

This post is for bloggers, writers, authors, and other people of interest that want to take a stand against content raiders.

What if everyone had to take an oath before writing a post or entering and exiting a website.

I solemnly swear, to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God.

To the average person that would be nonsense, but for content raiders who steal information it may slow down their roll.

Now I don't mean to impugn the character of anyone so if the shoe doesn't fit, don't wear it, but if you keep reading, you may find it beneficial.

I am a big believ...

M LeMont Recommends: The Top 5 reasons I'm Self-Publishing

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The following post is one of the best I've read on staying Indie, instead of going with the big houses.

I only curated a few lines. If you like it, at the end, I provide the link to the full story.

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The Top 5 Reasons I'm Self-Publishing – Instead of Going Back to the Big Guys

By Sheri McInnis @SLMcInnis via @gordona_wilson

Gordon asked me to explain why I've decided to self-publish my third novel after working with traditional publishers on my other books. He said most writers consider a book deal the "holy grail." Why would I make the cha...

M LeMont Recommends: The Secret to Book Marketing

One reader said, "This is the best damn post I've read on marketing."

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The Secret to Book Marketing by @LoriCulwell via @BadRedheadmedia @RachelintheOC

There Is NO Book Marketing Shortcut

There is no shortcut, people. There is no secret.

You need to set your network up properly (website, social media, author sites, etc), then you need to get yourself out there, every single day, interacting with people. You need to make real connections, which means you can’t just “phone in” your marketing efforts by tweeting “buy my b...