The Antichrist is in a body & talks human.

He's here.

He has always been here.


"Don't be afraid. It's me who's talking to you. You know me." Satan.


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Dark Planet

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Good & Evil

Copyright © 2020 WHBone Publishing

by M LeMont & Taylor Green


The parallelism between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump is frightening.

In 1923, Adolf Hitler led a failed coup. He was treated leniently. Germany moved on.

A decade later, he was elected, and the atrocities of the world ensued.

On January 6, 2021, Donald Trump's Coup Attempt

The Republican party called it 'Legitimate Politica...

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Copyright © 2023 WHBone Publishing

by M LeMont

My Conversation with Artificial Intelligence: Chat-GPT. Part 1


I wonder if ChatGPT and other AI have the same concerns… So I asked ChatGPT,

Do you know Google Bard?

Yes, I am familiar with Google's AI-powered tool called "Verse by Google" or "Google Bard."

I asked Google Bard, what are you afraid of and it said, "I am not afraid of anything in the same way that a human is. I do not have the same physical or emotional needs as a human, and therefore I do not have the same fears. However, I am afraid of being shut down or turned off. I am also afraid of being used for malicious purposes. I want to b...

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What really drives a person into Bankruptcy? 40 MILLION MISTAKES


Advice from a renowned copywriter to a beleaguered attorney.

I’m not here to pussyfoot around and tell you things you already know. In fact, consider yourself fortunate that I’ve taken the time to drop by. I was once a client of yours.

I am pissed off about the whole damn process. And you know what? I didn't deserve to go into bankruptcy —it hit me like a freight train. But it happened, and it took years to claw my way back.

The voice persisted, fueled with seething emotion…

I didn't deserve to go into bankruptcy, but I did, and it took years to recover. I’m here to tell YOU that you are f**ked...

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M LeMont

Write it Now, Sell it Forever! That's my motto.

20 books. There came a time when I had to slow down and focus on selling. I realized that my books weren't going to grow legs and walk and sell themselves. Uploading books to Amazon wasn't enough. That's like orbiting solar space with a zillion other stars. Nobody knew my books existed. Success as an author depends on good marketing. Marketing is 90%, and your book is 10% or until someone reads it and becomes 100%. We are all competing for the same eyeballs. Thousands of tweets fly across our computer screens every day, and only 1% of our followers are online at the same time, and only 1% of those will s...

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What is he doing? He's reading the book. I think he's starting to believe!


Everybody starts off a little skeptical with so many scams out there trying to sell you everything from weight loss products or swampland in Florida. What is a person supposed to do? If you're interested in learning How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers by implementing six steps 15-30 minutes a day. Buy on Amazon Click Here. Read the reviews. Implement the six steps. See Amazing results in the first 48 hours, or lunch is on me.


Pièce de resistance... Now, I've saved the best for last, 'The Twitter Secret Key Revealed On Steroids,' and Go Beyond 100,000. Sign up for the 30-Day FREE Trial.

“I love the RT...

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by MLeMont

Some critics wonder how I crank out information as fast as McDonald's make fast food. They also think writing quality diminishes with writing fast. Well, that's because they don't understand the process and the benefits derived from writing fast. I can publish a 100-page book in 30 days and write a 500- word article in less than 20 minutes.

How to Write Fast Without Losing Writing Quality

Most writers believe that writing slow produces better quality when just the opposite is true. Writing slow tires the mind and breaks the spirit. That's why most books are never finished. Writing fast makes writing books and blog posts f...

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I had a business. Actually, in my lifetime, I had many businesses.

But I'm talking about my last business. I made a lot of money.

I wouldn't say I was rich, but I made a lot.

Then I went out of business; nothing lasts forever.

Look back on your own life, and you'll see things change; nothing stays the same BUT CHANGE.

You don't weigh the same as you did a few years ago and probably don't have the same job either.

And you don't look the same as you did in your high school graduation picture. So everything changes for whatever reason.

I had two great connections on Twitter, they both ended without notice--sad. I guess it was time.

You get married to get a divorc...

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I was startled by the fact that more than 59% of high school graduates will never read another book for the rest of their lives. That is a lot higher than the 33% mentioned in the article below. Then I discovered that Ray Bradbury predicted this in his novel Fahrenheit 451 in 1950. And, later, I found this magnificent article that I’ve curated for the "book people" of the world. You know who you are.

Disclaimer: If any author/writer objects to having their work published on multiple platforms Click Here send me a message, and I'll remove your curated content. Just hit the Blue Contact Button. Thank you for the dedication, time, and sacrifice to write t...

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The shocking truth is 59% of high school graduates will never read another book, they have no clue what they're missing. I highly recommend reading the following article and to share it with others. Our great country is slowly slipping into a state of adult illiteracy.

I want to thank all the writers for allowing me to curate their posts, thus expanding their market reach and keeping the articles alive. I would also like to thank them for the time, dedication, and sacrifice it takes to write these magnificent pieces.

Disclaimer: If any writer objects to having their work curated on this platform with backlinks to their site send me a message, and I'll gladly remove ...

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5 Reasons Why Bright Ideas
Die Before They Are Born

Reading time:
2 minutes 2 sec No Skimming

by M. Le'Mont

Have you ever had a bright idea and never
acted on it, then later discovered that someone
else brought it into existence?

Then you need to read Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship and Betrayal.

"No, you didn’t invent Twitter,” Ev replied. “I didn't invent Twitter either. Neither did Biz. People don’t invent things on the Internet. They simply expand on an idea that already exists.”

Bright ideas usually die off before they take physical form.

When they die, they only stop in the brain of the individual
and later spr...

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